Our People

Our workforce is a very important part of our operation.  Without our workers, we could not grow and harvest our crops.  Since most of our crops are fresh fruits and vegetables, delicate hand harvesting is needed to pick and pack these crops with care.  Therefore, it is important that we take good care of our workers.

We take safety very seriously on our farm.  Our workers and their supervisors are trained for prevention of many hazards that can potentially affect them and others.

  • General Saftey – All workers are trained for a comprehensive plan to address many occupational hazards around machinery, illnesses, and hygiene.  Portable toilets with hand washing faciliteies are always posted within a 5-minute walk of the workplace.
  • Heat Stress- Since we are in an area where temperatures can affect our workers, we maintain a heat stress prevention program.  We provide a constant supply of cold water and shade for resting.  Our workers are trained in how best to prevent heat illness, how to recognize symptoms, and what to do if they are experiencing symptoms.  They are provided with a constant supply of clean, cold water. When temperatures exceed 85 we provide shade for resting.
  • CPR/First Aid – Our supervisors are trained in CPR and first aid.  Each carries a properly equipped first aid kit.
  • Pesticide Saftey – Workers who work in the fields are also trained for awareness of pesticide hazards (WPS).   Those who actually handle the pesticide applications receive more extensive training, and are provided the recommended personal protective equipment.
  • Sexual Harassment – We precatice a sexual harassment policy that provides a workplace that is respectful and fair.  Our superviors receive an intensive 2-hour course on this subject every year.  This program goes beyond sexual harassment to include non-discrimination of any kind.
  • Food Saftey – For the saftey of both our workers and the consumers of our produce, we implement a comprehensive food safety program, which includes training of good hygienic practices.